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"Concerto for Orchestra by Steven Stucky"
2003 piezo print, edition of 50, on German etching paper.
30" x 40"

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"Dances of the Planets"
Every pair of planets creates a single dance. It does not matter which of the two you stand on, the dance of the partner around you will be the same. These drawings are plots of the synodic motion of a given planet as seen from the center of another planet, the loops are retrograde motion. A synod is a meeting, a coming together. These drawings chart the intervals between successive conjunctions of two celestial bodies. Because planetary motion and music share many of the same mathematical ratios I have filled in the drawings with various patterns of chords and scales. Dances of the Planets is a suite of eight 20" X 20" piezo prints on German etching paper completed in 2006.

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