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"Desert Melodies"

El Paseo, Palm Desert, CA Approx 5' x 5' x 12', painted aluminum, 2011 v

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The artist's work often involves musical themes, theories and compositions. The work expresses her desire to visually represent music and uses her system of relating color with musical pitch, form and texture with timbre, and measurement with meter and rhythm. "Desert Melodies" incorporates many of these ideas. The forms in the sculpture are inspired by desert plants and trees. The colors, which represent a simple chord or melody line (D#, G, A#, C#, F) also represent the colors of the desert. Because the artist is showing the relationship between sound waves (pitch) and light waves (color), this musical motif is very representative of "Desert Light". Further, the five colors, yellow/orange (D#), blue/green (G), violet (A#), red/orange (C#) and yellow/green (F), will be painted with metalized paints to created the look of the shimmery, intense desert light.

In addition to the five elements in the sculpture representing desert plant forms, these vertical pieces also represent the shapes that strings and sound waves take when musical pitches are being played. When a string is bowed or struck you first hear the tonic note, then it vibrates in half and creates the octave overtone, then in three parts to create the fifth partial and in five parts to create the third partial (overtone). This is why musical tone has such a rich sound. Of course, it is not important that the viewer recognize this content in the sculpture, but the artist has discovered that combining this same geometry in visual shapes also creates a harmonious whole, a rich and interesting visual interaction.

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