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"Making Lemonade"
2006 20' X  8' X 8'  painted steel and aluminum
Thille Neighborhood Park, City of Ventura CA

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"Making Lemonade" is a kinetic sculpture. The entire sculpture is driven by the wind to turn 360 degrees on its central pole axis. The top eight feet of shapes behaves much like a weathervane. In addition the two wheel like shapes turn independently in the wind. There will almost always be some movement to make the public's interaction with the artwork more dynamic. The park in Ventura is located where a large lemon orchard once stood. The title is making a whimsical reference to the old adage "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade". The title embraces optimism and exuberance and cheerfully resembles a nonsensical lemonade-making machine. Other symbolic references in this artwork suggest; the passage of time, the golden section (representing growth), shell forms and water referencing the ocean, and geometric shapes borrowed from the native Chumash Indians.

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