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"Musical Gateway"
1996 painted aluminum, fiber optic lights, digital music 20' x 55' x 2'
City of Anaheim, CA Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim East Entrance Public Art Project

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This commission was awarded to the artist team of Nancy Mooslin, Sandra Rowe and Steven Stucky. It consists of four painted aluminum sculptures, beginning on the north wall and extending overhead across the arched ceiling of the east entrance lobby. Each of the sculptures is an interpretation of one of the four parts of Stucky's music. The public is able to push large buttons that trigger different sections of the music as well as fiber optic lights that flow in time with the music along the length of each sculpture. The four parts of the music are composed to sound well together regardless of the order in which they are played, how many parts are being played at one time or when each part begins, ends or overlaps the others.

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