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"Streams of Time"
2003 slumped, colored, tempered glass, fiber optic light 24
pieces of glass, 18" X 72" each, grouped in seven
locations over a three block area
Commissioned by Mozart Development for City of Sunnyvale, CA Town

Center Project

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"Streams of Time" is a visual and conceptual reference to the flow of time in which Sunnyvale, a thriving agricultural community, has become an important center of technology. The patterned glass arcs in the walkway are reminiscent of both the water used for irrigation and the mathematical systems used in digital technology. Each glass arc is a one-third section of a complete circle. The wave pattern on the surface is created by lining the full circle twelve times concentrically and three hundred sixty times radially. Every thirty degrees the waves change directions like a circular clock face marking time.

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