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"Waves of Light/River of Ideas"
2001 slumped, colored, tempered glass, fiber optic light Nine pieces of glass,
2feet X 9 feet each, 6 feet X 96 feet overall
Commissioned by AT&T and the City of Reno Nevada

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This piece was designed to related to both the Truckee River which runs right next to the AT&T Central Office Building and to the communications, high technology business of AT&T. The twelve large translucent glass panels are cast in geometric wave patterns and with a surface texture that repeats the wave patterns of the overall shapes. The panels are lit from behind by multiple bands of fiber optic tubing following the same wave patterns. The diffused light through the translucent glass is luminous, brilliant and glowing at night. During the day the sparkle and texture of the surface of the glass is more apparent. Six illuminators, one for each archway, light the fiber through a sequence of eight colors. The color that passes along the fiber optics rhythmically, continuously changes causing the colored light to appear to flow through the pieces and create the look of undulating motion..

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