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Pasadena Public Art Program 2014, City Of Pasadena, Pasadena, CA
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The Colburn School, 200 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90012
September 30, 2012 - May 28, 2013

Four artists exhibition "Layered Cadences" at Soka University, 1 University Drive, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

A r t S c e n e

January, 2013

The genesis of "Layered Cadences" occurred several years ago when four Los Angeles based female artists recognized common themes running through their works; themes of artistic creation on several layers in media and intent, and the common desire to capture our interconnectedness. They sought out a venue to accommodate their collective pieces. Their works, while varied in inspiration, style, and conceptually from one to the next. Carolyn Buck Vosburgh's large tree-like installations, including the 10-foot high "The Root of the Matter," are crafted from tree branches, twigs, roots and metal pipes, enhanced by painted wooden panels of nature scenes, some of wolves and lions, others of human heads. She also creates works on paper, each composed of three translucent layers, explaining, "Our individual and collective experience of the present is informed by layers of memory and selectively observed remnants from the past."

Nearby, Nancy Mooslin's large abstract paintings and hybrids display intense complementary colors and pointillism. While her formal intention is to explore, "the relationship between color, form, texture, proportion and pitch, harmony, timbre, and rhythm," her works animate a glorious visual world, suggesting musical sounds, and the repetitive rhythms of moving water.

In the upstairs gallery, fiber artist Sandy Abrams draws on her love of the Irish countryside, using felt, clay, wood, basket material and other fibers to wrap and stitch commonly used objects such as rolling pins, scrubbing brushes, shovels and bricks. These works, including the whimsical, "Spit Out the Gum and Comb Your Hair," composed of wood, felt, recycled t-shirt and wicker are deftly wrought to call up our nostalgia for a simpler time and lifestyle.

The most abstract pieces in this show are Nicola Lamb's minimal acrylic on Plexiglas paintings, characterized by primary colors and blacks, by free-flowing drips and swaths, by flat Japanese shapes from the Ikebana school of flower arranging, and syllabic patterns from Japanese Tanka poetry. As with the other artists in this varied yet cohesive show, Lamb lets her medium, in her case the flowing of the paint "from one shape to another," guide her, a process suggesting our common connectedness. -(Soka University, Orange County).

Liz Goldner

Art exhibition at The Water Garden complex in Santa Monica, CA. - 2010

Nancy Mooslin's Work at the Factory Place Arts Complex, Los Angeles
during a reception for the Urban Land Institute sponsored by
Central City East Association, CRA/LA, LA DWP ands Clean Tech LA - May, 2010

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